Since 2005, we have been providing photography, video and 360° virtual tour production services to advertising agencies, businesses, real estate and government under the sole proprietorship registered as “Amaranthine”. In 2007, we expanded our business and registered the private limited company, “Plus 720 Pte Ltd”

Our company name “Plus 720” was birth from the concept of “being more”. “Plus” meaning addition, and 720 was formed by adding two 360°s. The idea of “being more” has been the driving force behind our company. This is why our company has participated in various projects beyond that of our core media business.

We are primarily a business-to-business service provider but we also accept individual job requests and on occasion, very special projects from unique clients or individuals.

We are based in Singapore, fully operated and staffed by Singaporeans, and we have completed projects in the following countries

Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, South Korea and North Korea.