Fisheye Lens Distortion of Samyang and Nikon Lenses.

We have both the Nikon 8-15mm fisheye and the Samyang 8mm fisheye lenses. These lenses are used in virtual tour creation or when our clients require a special look to their images.

On occasion, our clients are curious about the distortion differences between these two fisheye lenses when capturing a unique look.

This GIF photo should cycle between the two lenses every 2 seconds

Samyang VS Nikon

Overall, the Nikon is extremely sharp at the center and sharp the edges. It resists flares well, but it compresses the image at the sides. The Samyang is sharp in the center and a bit soft at the edges, but it produces a pleasing distortion that’s even throughout the image. Samyang uses stereographic mapping.

The Nikon brings the center of the image closer at the the expense of heavy side distortion whereas the Samyang pushes the center farther back. Since we have both lenses, the application is really up to our client preference.