Switching to AMD – 2020 May

Our company started off exclusively using Macs and over the years the gap between and Apple and PC became so small that we could no longer justify spending so much just to be an Apple fanboy. We switched over to PCs in 2016 as we saw how Apple forsook media professionals in favour of chasing after the much bigger (and profitable) consumer mass market.

Come 2021 and the economy has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also time to upgrade our editing machines again. Finally Apple has something new and noteworthy, the new and shiny, 1st generation M1 silicon Macs!!!

However it wasn’t a tough call to stick to PCs. The M1 silicon Macs just haven’t been out in the market long enough to build up a good track record and the new M1 Macs were basically released for hungry beta testers Apple fanboys.

History has proven that Apple’s 1st generation products are not worth spending on and their 2nd generation onwards have all their bugs fixed.

AMD is now no longer the underdog, picking up the scraps left by Intel. Instead, it has repeatedly crushed Intel with their incredible, raw processing power. So there you have it. We switched from Intel to AMD.